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Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our roofing services:




What brand of shingles do you recommend?

People ask me what shingle manufacturer is my favorite. My answer would be GAF. I started using GAF over 35 years ago and have never had a problem. So people ask me "Are they the best?" The truth is, roofers have different reasons why they want to sell you a particular shingle. And in the last 25 years, shingle manufacturers have really stepped up their game, due in part to hurricanes becoming more prevalent. All shingles now have to meet certain criteria, making all of them high quality products. That being said, all manufacturers have their basic shingle and also have options to upgrade. So while I do have my favorite- GAF, I realize that you may have a favorite as well. We would be happy to install the shingle of your choice. So why do companies insist on only one kind of shingle? Usually this is because they have a deal with the manufacturer, and they receive a kickback at the end of the year. No apologies for exposing this practice!

Why don't you hand nail?

I started my roofing career hand nailing every shingle in the 1980s. Why? That was our only option at the time. Soon after, the staple gun became popular, not to be confused with the nail gun. After using the staple gun for several years, it  became apparent that staple guns were not the best option, as we experienced some shingles blowing off. Then the nail gun was invented. The nail gun shoots nails that have the same specifications as one would use for hand nailing. I started using nail guns approximately 30 years ago in Florida, where the weather can be very severe. And we have never experienced attachment failure due to the use of the nail gun .

Why don't some like nail guns?

The only argument I have ever heard is that nail guns are so powerful, they shoot the nail through the shingle. That scenario is possible if the pressure on air compressor is set too high. The problem is easily remedied by lowering the pressure. All air compressors have regulators allowing the roofer to adjust accordingly.

Why don't you offer financing?

Many times the easy financing that roofing companies offer is not your best option  Usually your mortgage lender or local bank is a good place to start, offering you the best interest rates.

Why do some insist on hand nailing?

I wouldn't want to presume. They will have to explain that one themselves.

Why don't you offer discounts?

On the surface, discounts sound like a good idea. The reality is that many times prices are inflated to accommodate so-called "discounts". The price we offer you will always be fair. Note- I did not say the lowest, but fair. Remember, if a price seems to good to be true, it probably is.

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